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Saturday, January 1, 2011

(64) Prof. Dr James Watson's Excellence in Inventions Award

 Excellence in Inventions Award
presented by:
Prof. Dr James D Watson
Nobel Prize Laureate for the discovery of DNA
Date: 15th November 1996

James D Watson's most notable accomplishment was in 1953 when he 
and Francis Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA which 
they were awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize for Physiology.

The arrival of Prof Dr James Watson.

Prof James Watson with Dato' V. L. Kandan of Shearn Delmore & Co.

Prof James Watson being impressed by the high quality rubber stamp prints 
I was able to produce before his eyes.

Giving him a personal rubber stamp of his face as souvenir. 

Signing his autograph for me

On stage... with Prof James Watson and Prof Tan Sri Dr Augustine Ong.

Receiving the award from Prof Dr James Watson

Excellence in Inventions Award

A priceless autograph by Prof Dr James Watson.

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