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Friday, December 31, 2010

(62) Kee Huat Radio Fantastic Fact and Fancies

Kee Huat Radio Company
'Fantastic Fact and Fancies'
hosted by DJ Alan Zackariah

The Kee Huat Radio's 'Fantastic Facts and Fancies' on every Sunday hosted by 
DJ Alan Zackariah was one of the most popular radio show during the 70's. 
The DJ will tell an interesting story and then play 7 popular songs. Then, we are to submit 
our choice on the arrangement we think the songs are best related to the story.

There is 1 in 5040 changes that you get it correct..... 
unless you really have the ears and the wit for reasons and rhymes !

Well, I won it.

When I was only 12 years old ! 
Look at the letter, Kuala Lumpur's telephone have only 5 digits !

This is the prize I got and it is still with me today.

Competitions is not for winning the prizes but the thrill of victory.

This old radio won't worth a single cent to someone else but it is a trophy as 
great as the World Cup to me.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

(61) Filming Crew from China TV Station

Filming Crews from China TV Station
Location: Taman Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 31st January 2009

They are here in Malaysia to do a documentary program on Malaysian inventions and innovations.

Filming on how the rubber stamps are made with my Polyclone machine.

Dann Neil showing off his computer skill.

Yu-Mein and Dann Neil

Yu-Mein and the Chinese TV host

My over grown garden

Taking some shots of my Koi fishes

The chartered bus they came in.

(60) University Science Malaysia, Penang

Science and Innovation Week
Venue: University Science Malaysia, Penang
Date: 23rd June 1995

Speaking on Creativity and Innovations at the 
Auditorium Hall in University Science Malaysia in 1995.

On stage for the presentation.

Students from the State schools and universities attending the conference

Packed hall

The Chief Minister of Penang, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon leaving the hall after the presentation.

The minister at the VIP room.

Journalists and reporters seeking more information about my products.

The Chief Minister at my booth to have clearer idea of my inventions.

Tan Sri Koh was particularly delighted when I told him that I was born in Georgetown,
 raised and educated in the small town of Nibong Tebal.

Students crowding around the booth.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(59) My Invention - the KAMIKAZE Mosquito Fatal Attraction

KAMIKAZE Mosquito Attractant Glue
Silver Medal Winner at the 1995 International Invention Fair 
in Geneva, Switzerland

Back in the early 1990's, everybody else are using repellent product to counter the mosquito menace. The results are temporary solutions as they merely drove the mosquito away only to return when the repellent wore off. Or they will be off to bite someone else. Repellent do not kill them or eliminate the problems.

Fatal Attraction

The unique invention attract the mosquito instead than repelling them. 

The insects are attracted by the scent of the formulation of N,N-DIETHYL-M-
a sticky glue compound which will prevent them from flying off when they come in contact.

This product do not require any electricity, burning or harmful chemical. 

In 1995, this invention was shown at the International Invention Fair in Geneva and won 
a Silver Medal.

And only in recent time,  people are going into the same concept of 'attraction' by
using 'Octenol' to lure the mosquito to their electric traps.

Silver Medal winner at the 1995 International Invention Fair in Geneva, Switzerland

In the News

The New Sunday Times
9th April 1995

The Star
5th April 1995

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4th February 1996

China Press
26th July 1995

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April 1996 issue

Malay Mail
26th July 1995

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26th July 1995

New Straits Times
26th July 1995

Sin Chew Jit Poh
26th July 1994

The Star
8th April 1995

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