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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(26) Happy Buyer, Happy Seller...

Someone once wrote to me: 

By the way, Linus  Torvalds (OS builder - Linux) earned alot of respect while Bill Gates (OS builder - DOS,Windows) earned alot of money and alot of hates.

See which one you want to earn.

And my replied to him was:

May I ask why you should respect Linus Torvalds and hate Bill Gates for
what they do?

His product had make Mr. Linus Torvalds a very rich man too. Meaning he
is also milking the dollars from your pocket. Why do you respect him for
this and on the other hand, you hated Mr Gates?

This is a free world. Happy buyers, happy sellers. You buy Microsoft
because you prefer it over Linux. Mr Gates did not say that you must buy
from him not did he stop you from buying from someone else.

Bill Gates have his way of doing his business and Linus Torvalds have
his way as well. Why should there be hated for either one of them?

Like you going into a shop. If the food is bad and the boss is rude, you
don't go there anymore. Don't have to start hating them and burning them
down eh?


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