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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(8) A good invention or a good marketeer ?

To successfully see a new invention in the market, which do you think is
more important? A great idea (invention) or a great marketing team?
Would a team of MBAs guarantee success even with a lousy product?

Yes, it is true that many great inventors died a pauper. And then,
their inventions make millions in the hands of others. Why did they
became successful inventions? Answer: Because they are great

OK, name me 10 bad inventions that because successful because
of great marketing ?

The inventor of Singer Sewing machine died a pauper and his
invention make it big for the guy who market them later. Why was it
successful? Answer: Because the machine is a great invention.

Akio Morita's inventions were successful because they were great stuffs.

If you pit great invention against great marketing team for success,
I will still have to vote for great inventions... for I really
cannot think of the 10 bad inventions which made in good just
because they are in the hands of great marketing teams...

"Simple innovation, yet so valuable"..... YES... Yes... yes....
Simple doesn't mean is it bad. Simple inventions is the best

Yes, we need great marktering people to market our inventions but
our inventions must be equally good, if not, better than
the 'marketing team' in order to be successful.

BTW, how do you define a 'good marketing person'? Someone who had
track records of selling refridgerator to the Eskimos? Or 'anyone'
who have MBA from the Harward University?

I think as a CV, you should look at different angles when you are
investing in a on-going 'manufacturing' factory and a inventor who
have no track records on his new idea. You should have the 'eye' to
know a good product when you see one.

If you see a great idea, it is easy for you to find a good marketing
team anywhere. But can you have a good marketing team and then
easily find a good idea?

Would you invest in hiring a good coach and then look for a good
runner or would you go and find a good coach after you had found a
good runner?

I believe the most important thing is finding the good runner, as the same as in finding a good
idea. Finding a good coach or a good marketing team will be easier when you already have a good runner or a good idea.

So, which will you look for first? A good idea or a good marketing

As an inventor, which will you look for first? A great idea or a great marketing team?


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