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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(3) Malaysian scientist claims to have cracked water-fuel secret

As a Malaysian and fellow inventor, I really hope that it is true. With this invention, Malaysia will certainly be the riches country in the world. Many people will get rich, not with just the direct involvement in the 'energy' industries but also from re-writing alot of text books!

Yes, co-running a vehicle with hydrogen and oxygen is nothing new.... Toyota, Nissan, Honda have them a long time ago but none of them have claimed that they are able to produce the hydrogen on-board. This inventor claimed that only 12 people in this whole world knows about this technology but only 70% of it.



LM Star Autoworld president Abdul Uza Sheikh 
Mohamad (right) and Dr Halim speaking to reporters 
on the hydroxene technology.

People are offering him nearly a RM 100 Millions for the secret but he will never let it go out of the country.

Didn't anybody advise him to file a full patent on this great invention? Cos I beleive that once the vehicle are launched, people will will understand the technology behind the secret as soon as they open the cover?

One more thing, I check the website: www.lmautoworld.com and it is still 'Under Contruction'. It is so strange to see that cos it means that it is harder to launch a website than launching a vehicle?

Ya, they claimed that they had tested the engine on 200 vehicles, including the one used by the Prime Minister himself. In thier full page, full coloured advertisement, they claimed that you simply need to add water and you will be able to save 50% of your fuel cost. It saves money...

I really hope that they will not later says that you also need some sort of 'extra energy' like a battery or other form of fuel cells to go along with them...

I really hope that the inventor will be reading this and clear my doubts about this great invention. Don't get me wrong, I really wish that it really works as they claimed it to be....

There are science and there are magic... I am wondering which is his?



  1. Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    PM Launches Two New Car Models.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Tuesday launched two
    new car models using local technology which could reduce the
    dependence of fossil oil.

    The China-made sport utility vehicle (SUV) of the Trekker and Tourer
    models are fitted with fuel and water tanks.

    Abdullah said he was proud that the cars were developed by local
    scientists which used a revolutionary fuel technology called hydroxene.
    Hydroxene is a new technology which allow the use of water as a
    supplementary fuel to petrol, giving the car a fuel consumption saving
    of up to 50 percent.

    "In my view, this event will have an important long term implication
    for the domestic automotive industry in increasing the level of value
    added activities," he said after launching the revolutionary vehicle
    at the Johor Baharu Expo, here.

    He said efforts by LM Group to incorporate new technology into its
    vehicles should be seen by other local assemblers and manufacturers as
    a signal to infuse new ideas into their own car models.

    Abdullah said the government has outlined the need to encourage the
    use and development of sustainable and renewable energy resources. "As
    such, it is my wish to see other efforts to develop vehicles that
    employ alternative energy resources in the long term," he said.

    The prime minister also welcomed the collaboration between LM Star and
    Dadi Auto of China, which specialises in the manufacturing of military
    vehicles. "I welcome the relationship as China has always been an
    important trading partner," he said.

    Abdullah also said that it was time for local companies to start
    venturing overseas as Malaysia was relatively a small market place
    compared with the global market.

  2. How about electric motorcycle scooter in Malaysia? Can it capture Malaysia market? Any chance of getting ROI better result?