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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(33) An Invention waiting to be Invented.

For those who want to be an inventor and cannot think of what to invent, here is
a tip for you....

You visited a friend at his house and he offered you a pack of the Yeo Hup Seng drink.
You pulled the straw from the side of the Tetra box and insert the straw into
the 'pin hole' and start drinking....

With one hand holding the pack, the other will still be holding the piece of
plastic which was used to wrap the straw earlier. You try to find a waste paper
basket but couldn't see one. Surely you can't just throw it on the floor? So,
the next thing you do is to put it into your pocket for later disposal...

See the problem? Now, you find the solution for this problem and you might be
the next orang kaya. Remember that the guy who came up with the attaching pull
clip for the beer cans is now a very rich man. And people drink more from Tetra
Pack than aluminum cans.

If you want to be an inventor, think of such inventions before you think of
building space rockets.

Think of doing the doable... be realistic to yourself

-16th September 2009


1 comment:

  1. Someone commented:

    Do you have any idea, Tetra Pak R&D must use a a straw for end user to drink.

    What about promote green earth, save cost and reduce rubbish. Encourge end user direct drink from container?

    My comment:

    A solution to a problem is not about showering the idea down people's throat.
    You must give them an alternative. If they think it is a better way of getting
    things done without sacrificing their conveniences, they might go for it. And
    that is, perhaps after much publicity and promotions.

    It is never easy to change a person's habit or his ways of norms. Example, there
    was a local invention of a toothbrush which promote the 'Up / Down' motion of
    brushing. That's what the dentist preferred method of brushing. But people had
    been brushing their teeth side ways all their lives.

    So, given a choice, he will go back to his old normal way of brushing.

    Unless it is a 'forced' decision, like driving on the Right side of the road in
    certain countries, then you will 'forced' yourself to accept. Or unless, the new
    methodology bring them much advantages, benefits or privileges.

    There are reasons why the straw was introduced for the Tetra Packs.

    The main one will be, that you do not need to use a scissor to cut the pack cos
    of the pin-hole which the straw can be easily inserted. If you can think of a
    practical way to solve this problem, maybe you are one step nearer to eliminate
    the use of the straws. But there will be a few more ahead...

    Such as:

    1) It is easier to drink with a straw
    2) It is not hygienic to put your lips on the pack to drink directly from it.
    This is why they need to cover the straw in plastic.

    Always think of the negative points of the idea as well. Never introduce a new
    problem to solve an old problem...