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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(15) Is there any Value in Failure ?

Success is like climbing a ladder or running a race...

Some people slip and fell as they climb. Slipping and falling are
consider 'failures'.

But to reach the top, you do not necessary need to slip or fall. You
should try not to slip or fall. You do not need to experience failure
to be successful.

It is OK to fail but it is not OK to think that failure is OK...

Yes, it is alright to fail. But you do not have to choose to be so. If
you can be successful without a failure, why should you choose to be so?

I would rather come home from a battle unscratched than losing my
eyes, hands and legs eh? It is really confusing to me reading why some
people think that we should fail first only then, we can be successful.

Let's be honest with which you choose:

a) A mentor who reach success without any failure

b) A mentor who went thru failures after failures before he finally
found success.

Of course, someone who is in the 'failure situation' now will choose
(b) for hope and inspiration. But if you are in a starting position,
which will you choose?

If I have a choice, I will choose to be successful without having to
go thru failures... and I will prefer a mentor who is such.



  1. I just cannot understand why someone who had failed countless of time
    to be successful be prouder than someone who is there at the first
    try. I would prefer to be an undefeated champion for 10 years than be
    a 3 times champion (meaning I lost 3 times and won back the titles 3

    Why are so many motivators so proud that they had came from rag to
    riches and back to rag and then back to riches…. and that the more
    times they went thru these ` reincarnation `, the prouder they seems
    to be…. Would a man who divorced and re-married his wife 7 times, mean
    he love her 7 times more than he would had? Or a politician who jump
    camps and back shows that he is a good person to trust?

    I do not want to hear someone saying " I started with zero. I make $1
    million the first year. The 2nd year, I went bankrupt. The 3 rd year,
    I make $ 4 million.

    I would prefer to hear someone say "I started with zero. I make $1
    million in the first year. Then, I make $2 million the second year. $4
    million the third year".

    If the topic is about `luck', then they have a point. But if they are
    talking about `skill', then nah…..

  2. I would like to say that I never said that I never had failures
    before. My point is, there are nothing wrong with failures but
    THINKING that failure is alright is WRONG.

    As human as we are, we are bound to sin. Do you think that to sin is OK?

    What failures received after failing are called

    If you had preset you mind that there is nothing wrong with failures
    even before you fail, you are half way there....

    It is like a child in a family where everybody smoke. He will probably
    end up being a smoker himself because he had accepted that smoking is
    OK and there is nothing wrong in smoking.

    If I listen to a motivator who motivated me that failures are OK cos
    he had failed countless of time before, I will be going into the ring
    telling myself that it is OK for me to lose before the fight even begin...

    I can accept failures AFTER they had failed. but I cannot accept why
    they should think that failing is OK BEFORE they had failed....


  3. I don't think by making all the mistakes in a field will made a person
    an expert.

    A winner will probably not be the one who took all the wrong turns in
    reaching the finishing line but the person who took that one correct
    path which took him there.