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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(32) Grants... A Blessing or a Curse ?

People need to learn that getting a grant can also be a curse other from being a

Grants = FREE MONEY ?

I have seen many people going for grants on projects which they do not really
have 'faith' in. What's on their minds is, "I will go ahead with the idea if I
get the grant". "Got grant, fail also never mind, not my own money".

With this mentality, failure is 90% sure.

And there will be spoilers if you fail.... the precious time you had spent and
the 30% of your share of the 30:70 matching grant.

The grant are not 'free money' as some of our Macri members thought. There is a
'catch' on every 'free lunch'.

There are quite a number of our Macri members who got grants from CIP, MTDC and
other agencies. 

How many of them have actually really 'benefited' from their grants? 

Are their products doing well in the market now? 

Are they doing well financially?

My advice is, if you are thinking of getting a grant, do it when money is your
last problem....

-8th September 2009


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