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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(47) Reader's Digest - Featuring the Successful Inventors of Asia

Reader's Digest
Issue: August 2007

 Reader's Digest is the world's best-selling monthly magazine; it is published in 35 languages, in 52 editions, and is sold in more than 100 countries. Many of the international editions are simply translations of the US version, but in a growing number of countries, articles of local interest and importance are written expressly for the local version of Reader's Digest. DeWitt and Lila Acheson Wallace published their first issue — 5,000 copies — of the undersized magazine on February 5, 1922. It cost 25¢ and was sold by mail. In 1929, the magazine was first sold at newsstands. It was DeWitt Wallace's idea to condense articles — and later, books — that would be gathered in a magazine small enough to slip into a pocket or a bag. Alexander Graham Bell wrote the lead article in the first issue; it was about the importance of continuing to learn throughout one's life. 
It was a thrilling experience to be interviewed and featured in the Reader's Digest. I had been reading this magazine since my childhood days and I could never had dreamed that I will be reading about myself in it someday. The interviewer came from their Asian HQ in Tokyo and even send a professional photographer from the API agency to snap the photographs. When there is a dream, there is a way....

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They were really impressed by the quality of the prints and how fast and easy the stamps are produced.

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