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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(19) Inventors are like Wild Stallions...

Inventors are like Wild Stallions.... they are not meant to be tied up
and locked up in a stable. They need the freedom to run and explore
where ever they like with no limitation or restriction.

They must have the freedom to laze and do nothing if they choose to do
so. No harness on their neck and no saddle on their back.

Only then, you can bring out the best of him....

I guess, I should say that, to 'invent', we should think like a
stallion. Let our mind free and go where no man had gone before.
However, not all ideas are spelled with a capital $$.

And after you had made the market surveys, customers' feedback,
commercial value etc etc, you then separate the 'boys from the men'
and take up this one idea and work on it.

With it, you should now think like a racehorse.... And hopefully, you
had found yourself a Sea-Biscuit !

- 23rd January 2009


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