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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(20) The Value of Failures are called Consolations

Failures do not increase your odds of success. Eventhough you had made
your 1,000th mistake, your next move could well still be your 1,001th.

It is like a couple having 9 daughters, tell me what are their odds of
having a son on the next birth? 90% or 50% ?

Is there anything wrong with failures? DO you think that failure is OK ?

A story...

One day a Papa was telling (or rather, bragging) to his little son
about his life. "Son, I had failed many times in my exams when I was
in school and I still managed to come out and make a good life. There
is nothing wrong with failures.".

Then one day the Papa asked the boy to study cos the exams are coming.
And the boy said to him "Papa, you told me there is nothing wrong with
failures. You made me believe that it is alright to fail. You, yourself 

had failed many times in school and you made it good in life.
I want to be like you."

End of story....

-24th October 2008


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