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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(27) Proposal to IP Sharing

Someone once suggest this proposal to me....that we should come together and 'share' our IP....

I had always say that inventors are mostly dreamers. And few have enterprising senses. Maybe, they still have got too much of  the 'boy scouts' spirit in them?  No wonder, they says that inventors usually die as paupers!

Helping and sharing is fine. But you cannot do this professionally for a living.

Merging of companies and businesses is nothing new.  Marriages of convenience is nothing to talk about either. "He need her, she need him. He cannot live without her, she cannot live without him" so they AGREED to got married and live together ever after.  The word is 'AGREED'. Meaning, that both of them had thought about the marriage, weight the pros and cons and then decide all on their own free will.

The avenue is there for you to use. If you feel that there is a willing partner for you, you go ahead and let nature take it's course. Why do you need law or resolution to do this?

He suggested::
He has worked very hard, 24 hours a day and after 10 years and RM10m his dream came true.

Even if he worked 25 hours a day and spend RM 11 million, his invention may not necessary worth more than the next guy who had woke up one morning with the little  idea ringing in his head.

The value of inventions are gauge by market demand. The American Inventors show on TV is a real joke. Imagine the judges giving points to the inventors because he is crying with passion over his invention. And because he is jobless and got a wife and 5 kids to feed at home. Do the judges really think that if an inventor does these, his inventions will more successful later?

Do you really think people  buy your products because of what you went thru or buy them because they bring them the benefit in having them? 

Cashier box and Donation Box have different outlooks, don't they?

You cannot expect to exchange a Rambutan for a Durian.....

-4th March 2009


1 comment:

  1. You mean that Nokia is opening up and exposing their handphone technologies to
    anybody and everybody. No more trade secrets eh? And now any ABC company can
    make handphone sets as good as Nokia with all their latest features and
    technologies ?

    I guess I am wrong about all these 'sharing and giving' thing. Guess there are
    still people out there who are willing to share all they have without any
    reserves and without expecting anything back in return. Thanks, Nokia. You are
    making this world a better place to live in.


    Soon, the poorer class will be able to buy handphones in Jalan Pudu which have
    all the latest Nokia features and technologies at a fraction of the price.

    Bravo to Technologies without Patents !!!! Since the concept is so good, NASA
    might be joining in soon. They will be sharing their technologies of their
    latest nuclear weapons and warheads with all the terrorists and their enemies.

    Imagine this... Proton will be producing cars with Ferrari's technologies ! No
    more fake little Blue Pills now. With the sharing of knowledge, there won't be
    anymore fake and useless product.

    Come on, everybody sing...

    We are the World, we are the people....
    We are.....

    Hey, am I dreaming? Someone please pinch me....