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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(16) Wanna be an inventor? Be realistic first...

The only answer I give when replying to the question "What does it
takes to be an inventor" is..... BE REALISTIC.

Forget what you saw in the American Inventors show on TV. You won't be
successful just because you are passionate with your invention. Nobody
will buy your product just because you shed a bucket of tear in front
of the judges. Nobody care what you had gone thru in getting your
product into the market. Or if you had sold your family heirloom to
fund for the project.

When you product is on the shelves, the question is whether it is
something good enough for people to part their money for or not. Just
this simple.

Before you start a project, you must find out if it can sell or not.
If you think it can't or not sure, you forget about it. Don't waste
you time and money on something you are not sure. Cos eventhough you
have something that you are so sure that it will sell, still the
chances are that it may not.

-15th October 2008


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