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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(28) Green Hydro Power

I always wonder... why every time we talked about 'power', we always talks about
cars ?.

Is there no other usage for power other from cars? If you had invented a
new kind of power source, can't you also think of other application?

Why I am asking this... ? Because, a car is quite a sensitive object, both to
the owners as well as the machine itself. When, we are buying a new car, we look
at everything in it. There are some people who passed away a model just because
the side mirror doesn't appeal to him. Even there are 100 other good features in
it, he will still not but it because there is this one thing he doesn't like. My
point is, even though that car have this wonderful 'green hydro' features, it
might still not be able to sell because there may be other bad features which
turns them away.

If you got such a marvelous technology that you can produce power from water,
why not put it on a fishing boat, a power plant, a generator to power a remote
village etc etc ?

For homes, use it to power your air-condition or your fan.

To those people who are into these, show us that your technology is able to
produce more energy from the energy you are putting in using water as the 'raw

Tell me if you are able to produce enough hydrogen to run a generator to produce
enough electric energy to do the electrolysis. OK, you can use a battery to
start up. but the battery must be removed once in operation.

And will it be able to produce some excess power to light up a little light

-14th April 2009


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