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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(4) Why do you want to invent?

Have you ever asked yourself why you doing this? Why you wishes to be
an inventor?

Are you doing this:

1) As just a hobby? An interest to pass your free time?

2) You think you got a good idea and might as well do something about it?

3) Doing it for the glory in seeing your name in print in the newspapers?

4) After the awards at the exhibitions?

5) Self satisfaction? Personal achievement?

6) A contribution to mankind?

Me? To me, inventions is all about MONEY. It's a game of chances. Some
win big and some lose big as well. An invention is all about
commercialisation. If it do not have a high chance of making it in the
market, it is a useless and worthless invention.

You need to realistic.... almost all inventors are 'dreamers'. Every idea to
them is worth a million dollars. And don't you go and tell them it is
not.... they will think that you are just being jealous. So, as a
friend, do you want to wake them up or let them continue in their
dreams? Well, there is nothing wrong about dreaming, for many
inspirations are often born in dreams....

But it is sad seeing a fellow inventor waking up and realised that he
had lost it all.... and often too late.

My advice is that you can have dreams, but choose the realistic ones
only.... And don't waste your time in doing something which do not
have any commercial value. Success is not measured by the number of
awards you had won but how much money you had made from them !


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