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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(14) Creative Crooks

I received this 'warning email' from a friend recently and I thought it would be nice sharing it here. Not sure much of passing the warning to others but to note how how creative and innovative the crooks had become to make a living these days eh?

The moral of the story.... we all need to be creative regardless who we are and what we do.

I have  something to share with you. (It happened 2 to 3
weeks ago) 

A lady could not  open her remote controlled gate because someone
tied her gate. She thought  her control was faulty and she came down
from her car to check and she was  chopped (hands etc) by a man who had a  

She lost her handbag and  she was hospitalised. It happened in
Taman Gembira Klang.There were 2 men who planned this attack.

They tied  up remote controlled gate and wait to strike. 

-5th June 2008


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