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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(17) A seminar tailored for Failures.

If I attend a seminar where the speaker is supposed to motivate me to
success, I want to hear all the positive thing about him. I want to
have him as my mentor and to idolize him in his perfect ways. I do not
want to hear how many times he had failed, how many mistakes he had
make. I want to see him as a `god' who can do no wrong. A superstar, a

I do not want to hear of someone who had to go thru rag to riches,
back to rag and back to riches again time and again…. Who know if his
history would be repeating again one more time tomorrow?

I want him to be an un-beaten world champion, not a 3 times world champion who
lost and regain his crown 3 times. I want a coach who can hit the bull eye with
one shot and not someone who had 9 misses before hitting with the tenth. Why
should the boxer with losses expect more glory than the undefeated champion? Why
should they be so proud to proclaim how many times they had gone down before
finally gaining glory?

If we are not yet a loser, not yet a failure, why should we be told to
think that failure is OK? That we MUST experience failure before we
can achieve any success? Yes, I agree that there is nothing wrong with
failing, but it is not right to think that failure is OK. Failure is
not all OK. We must have some guilt in failing.

No coach will send his players into the field telling them it is OK to
lose. You don't go up the wedding stage and tell the happy couples
and the guests that there is nothing wrong with divorces and how you
had 3 miserable marriages which end up with 3 bitter divorces and how
you finally found happiness with your 4th wife.

When I attend such seminars, I am like the newly wedded happy couple.
I am full of enthusiasm and looking forward to happiness and success.
I do not want someone to tell me that my first marriage is gonna fail
like his and hopefully I will finally find happiness in my 4th
marriage like him.

Should my marriage failed, and AFTER it had failed…. It is OK. But
before it fails, I should not think that it is OK to have a failed

Unless these seminars are designed for failures and losers, they
should not be encouraged….

When you think it is OK being a failure, you had actually already lost
the game:

A miss is as good as a mile
2nd best is not good enough
Nobody remember the bridesmaid
If you had planned to fail, who bother to compete?
The winner takes it all

Dear Failures and Losers,

Failure doesn't mean you haven't accomplished something,
Others say: it does mean you have learned something.
I say: - It mean that you are still learning how to clear the hurdles while the other
are crossing the finishing line

Failure doesn't mean you've been a fool,
Others say: it does mean you have a lot of faith.

I say - It means that you are more foolish than the winner

Failure doesn't mean you've been disgraced,
Others say: it does mean you were willing to try.
I say - Failure give you no glory

Failure doesn't mean you don't have it,
Others say: it does mean you have to do something in a different way.

I say - It mean your best is still not good enough

Failure doesn't mean you're inferior,
Others say: it does mean you're not perfect.

I say - Neither is the winner perfect and you are lesser than him

Failure doesn't mean you've wasted your time,
Others say: it does mean you have a reason to start fresh.

- Doing the same thing twice means wasting your time

Failure doesn't mean you should give up,
Others say: it does mean you should try harder.

I say - Yes, you bite your pride, step aside and try harder next time while the
winners now celebrates

Failure doesn't mean you'll never make it,
Others say: it does mean it will take a little longer.

I say - Time and tide waits for no man

Failure doesn't mean God has abandoned you,
Others say: it does mean he has a better way.

I say - Amen

-18th October 2008


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