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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(6) Magic or Science ?

I always like to quote this......There are MAGIC and there are SCIENCE.

It may seems difficult to differenciate the two. Those who don't
understand the science behind them, will think it is magic. And there
are those think the magic is science.... and both can be right and wrong.

Making an experiment works is real.... it is science. But certain
claims on why and how it works may be false.


Recently, there was this growing trend of people going to the 'clinic'
to have their toxic in their body 'washed' out. There they would put
their feet into a machine fill with 'plain water'. They will swtich on
the machine and in a little while the water will change dark in colour.

The self proclaimed 'doctors' will jump up from his chair and said "
Look at the water. All the darkness in it is the toxic from your body.
Now, you are cleansed but you need to come back again for further
treatment cos there are still plenty of bad toxic in your body."

Yes, the water did turn dark right in front of your eyes. But the
question is in their claims.... Is that the toxic from your body?

Until today, there are still people being conned by the Nigerian's
Black Money scheme....

It is hard catching up with the lastest technology these days. Seeing
is not always believing now..... Use your instint. If they sound too
good to be true, it cannot be true....

But sad to say, "There's a sucker born every minute".


1 comment:

  1. I would like to related another famous conman story....

    There was this guy who claimed that he had found a kind of plant which
    if you boiled the leaves with water, the water will become fuel. He
    would show this to you....

    He takes an ordinary looking pot, fill it up with tap water. Take the
    leaves ( all chopped up, of course ) and put them into the pot. Put
    them over the fire and wait for the water to boil. Then, remove the
    leaves and poured the water into a another container.... Lit a fire
    over it and the water catches fire !

    Magic or Science? If you wishes to know from him, the price is USD 1
    Million. He will tell you what leaves they are and all the secret how
    he had make water into burning fuel by simply boiling the leaves in it.

    Intested? Have a U$1 Million to spare?