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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(41) My Invention - the GREEN WHIZZARD Probiotic Plant Nutrients

When I started gardening, I noticed that fertilizers which are being sold at the stores and nurseries comes in big bulky bag. They are also very 'diluted' and have poor or slow results.

Being bulky means that the higher cost of packaging, transportation and storages are added and passed down to the customers thus making them of lesser value for what were being paid for.

There are also the inconveniences of handling and application for the users.

My questions were then, why do they need to be diluted and come in big bags? Can't be have them highly concentrated and packed in small practical containers?


Probiotic Plant Nutrients

Simple and clean application

Fertilizing is required once a month. A single dash which is enough to cover a 10 cents coin is apply directly to the soil. A bottle of the 100gms Green Whizzard can last 15 years on one pot of plant. 

The Green Whizzard under different labels for different distributors in different countries.

Positive results can be seen as early as 2 weeks.

the Results, the Differences

Chilly Plant


Plants in Japan
Experiments of growing 2 plants..

With and without the Green Whizzard

No prize for guessing it right which plant used the Green Whizzard eh..

Plants in America
Tomato plants before applying the Green Whizzard

A few weeks later after the Green Whizzard

My Lotus Plants
Big green leaves

Buds and flowers

Simply beautiful

Blooming with some help from the Green Whizzard

Fruits in a Pot
Water Guava or Jambu Air growing in a pot

After a few dashes of the Green Whizzard

Incredible results. Irresistible fruits 

My Water Lilies
My favourite flowers

Home Orchard
Results from the Green Whizzard

Home grown fruits

Satisfaction guaranteed

The 'difficult' tasks are now harvesting and eating the fruits.

Plants to Show
The Pegaga plants

Gigantic fern plants

My Guava Tree
Our security guard with the Green Whizzard

Multiple fruits on a branch

Fruits all over the branches

Dann Neil with the 'fruit without labour'

No, it is not a genetic engineered fruit.... Green Whizzard only help the plant to grow to it's maximum potential of what nature permit it to do. 

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