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Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcoming MYSELF to Blogging !

A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step..... and this is my very first step into the world you called Blogging.

Introducing myself...

Many asked "Robest, is there a spelling mistake in your name?" No. There is not. 

'Robest' and not 'Robert' cos I just need to be different. I need to be unique. For I am an inventor. 

In the Yahoo Group Forum of the Malaysian Association for Creativity & Innovationns ( MACRI ), some branded as the JR Ewing ( TV series Dallas ) They either love me or hate me. Many said that I am proud, egoistic, sarcastic, arrogant, rude and insulting, too 'worldly realistic" which I will not deny.

I find that many of our local "inventor" are just plain dreamers. Copied an idea from the Practical Science magazine, claimed it as their inventions and demand that the world now owes them a living. And there will be some who fantasize of time traveling machines and perpetual energy... But I am one who go for the "low hanging fruit". I believe in doing what is achievable within the next 12 months.

If you need to dream, dream of more realistic dreams. This world is a cruel place for inventors. Every idea ( even the very best ) are considered failures until they become successful. So, never leave your day job unless you have a rich Dad.

In my years in MACRI and MINDS, I have come across many type of inventors and wannabes. Some are just simple headed Simple Simons who don't even understand the basic principle of physics but start talking about perpetual energy. 

Some have dreams like Hitler and Napoleon and want to conquer and change the world with their ideologies. Some think that the wheels are something new.

Then there are those who "invent" for the grants. Free money, they called them. These are serial grant applicants whose projects stop when their 'milestones' end. 

Of course, there are real inventors like Mr Paul Chang and Dato Hew Ah Kow whom I admired greatly.




1 comment:

  1. A good start in blogging indeed...
    Congratulations Brother!