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Monday, December 13, 2010

(39) My entry to the YTL MyPrize 4G Global Developer Challenge

The entry for the YTL MyPrize 4G Global Developer Challenge was official closed on the 30th Novermber 2010. 

There were:
5,356 votes recorded
3,270 registered users
2,285 comments received
   961 entries submitted

My entry entitled: Mobility-Cane and Support Platform Centre for the Blind received the HIGHEST number of votes and won the Most Popular Idea title of the competition.

click here to view the entry:

It also received one of the most number of comments ( a total of 121 ) which are mostly words of praises and encouragements from well wishers.

However, I had always knew that my entry will not be winning any prizes as it is not in accordance to what the organizer is looking for. What they wanted are ideas that can generate profits for their organisation.

My objective to participate in this competition is mainly to highlight the plight of the Blinds in our community. My hope is that more inventors will be willing to put their God given talent to come up with new inventions that will benefit the lives of the less fortunate citizens.

And that big corporate companies like YTL will look into the well being of these poor souls as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities ( CSR ).

To all who had voted for me, THANK YOU very much. Even though we did not win anything, I pray that this will be the first step which we hope to give Blinds a chance to be mobily independent.

Thank you.


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