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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(11) Be honest to Yourself

What I am going to say here may not go down well for some inventors
out there..... but I believe in reality.

Firstly, being an inventor will not make your into an elite or
privileged person. You will receive no extra protection from the law
or from the business communities. In fact, you might be followed by
wolves and vultures like shadows.

Like a pretty sweet 16 gal, you must learn how to protect yourself. It
is said that God help those who help themselves.... I always believe
that it is better to pray to God for the strength to fight than
praying to Him for mercy from the enemies.

Everybody said that they were the first with the idea. Everybody said
that there were the 'real' inventor. But did they really make a search
to see if there were any similar ones out there already? Most probably
not, when they have no intention or planing to file any patent for
them. And even if they had tried making a search, they might not
really know cos there may be someone who had filed a patent which is
still pending.

I have had many ideas which I did not pursue and left in the idea-bank
of mine.... and then a while later, I saw identical products on the
shelves !

What I am trying to say that "WISE MEN CAN THINK ALIKE"... I am sure
that most of you must had heard the story of Thomas Edison and Joseph
Swann and their electric bulbs eh? Or of Darwin and Wallace and their
idea of evolution ?

The end of the story is, if you think you have a good invention of
good commercial potential, get a good patent lawyer and file a patent
on it. No use crying over split milk. 

Being an inventor, dream you must.... but you need to wake up at some
time too.... 

This is a cruel world. In wars, They are even shooting at reporters and 
Medical personals these days...

-6th July 2007


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