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Friday, December 10, 2010

(37) Novelty or Practicality ?

Sometime ago, a Korean came up with this product and criticized Apple for producing the world's thinnest notebook but still using the world biggest plug.... 

No argument, it is a great design.  But what is the objective of the new concept ? Solely to make it flat so that it will not be so bulky?

Mainly to solve this problem eh?

Considering the price, the potential of it breaking down and malfunctioning, I think most people will still continue this old faithful.....
What is the advantage of the folding plug over this conventional one which we had been using for ages without any problem? It is just as flat and many many time cheaper too.

Do you think this is more of a Novelty or a Practical product which will replace the existing one?  



  1. The advantage of this folding plug over this conventional plug is allowing users to put into the socket much easier..without using pen cover, car key, screwdriver, and whatever you can think of..right?

  2. Going thru all these for just this? And having to pay a high price too. Hmmm....

  3. I has the advantage of both the conventional 3 pin and the 2 pin. Do you think it can sell if the price is a little bit higher than the conventional 2 pin plug?

  4. I do not trust electrical / electronics appliances which have too many 'moving parts'.

    After a while they tend to lose the contacts...due to the twists and turns...