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Sunday, January 9, 2011

(73) My Pets, My Friends, My Dobermanns

My Pets, my Friends, my DOBERMANNS.

Other from inventions, I also have many other hobbies. I love pets. I particularly 
love the Dobermanns and I kept several of them at my home. They are mostly
imported from Argentina, Australia and the US. You can view more detail about them 

Yu-Mein and Angie de Akidosan

Dann Neil with Angie

Dann Neil and Angie at front gate

Dann Neil taking Angie for a walk

Highly obedience trained.

Bisswhizz Tsunami Breeze (Akiro) with handler, Gerry Looi
Breeder: RobestYong of Bisswhizz Kennel

Angie de Akidosan
Breeder: Andrea Laruccia of Akidosan Kennel, Argentina

Biswhizz With Me or Against Me (Rocky)
Breeder: RobestYong

Cabochon Njinka (Fonzie) during a dog show
Breeder: Lynn Harwood of Cabochon Kennel, Australia

Some of the trophies and ribbons won at the MKA championship shows

The trophy for the Dobermann Best in Show Specialty 

A personal friend and mentor, Jackie Perry, a legend in the Dobermann world

Jackie Perry sharing some expertise opinion on the correct structure of the 
Dobermann breed with Benny Yeoh and the rest of us.

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